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February 12, 2018


We follow One who stood and wept at the grave of Lazarus-not surely, because He was grieved that Mary and Martha wept, and sorrowed for their lack of faith (though some thus interpret) but because death, the punishment of sin, is even more horrible in his eyes than in ours."





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Have you ever wondered what Jesus was thinking at the moment he encounters Lazarus’ tomb? Was He thinking about his own mortality? Was the weight of the garden of Gethsemane already beginning to press in on Him? Was He thinking about the separation from His Father that He would experience on the cross? Was Lazarus’ tomb the stark reminder of His own personal future? Did Lazarus’ death symbolize all of humanity’s plight? Was Jesus merely overcome with grief from losing a friend? Or perhaps, as Musician Steve Bell writes was the anguish simply too crushing?

Whatever the case, Jesus is deeply moved. His response to the frailty of life is telling: He despises death. This is not the world He created. This is not the existence He breathed life into. His tears validate the perplexing turmoil we feel in response to our own limitations: We simply don’t know what to do with death.

Yet Jesus knows exactly what to do with death. He redeems it. That’s what Redeemers do. Grief gives way to gladness. Hope spring forth and is unwrapped from the stench of death. The Word by which all life was formed decided to speak again. “Lazarus, come out!” And in that instant we are reminded why Jesus is The Resurrection and the Life: Death is now the canvas by which the Messiah will make all things new.

Do you remember when His voice called you back into existence? Has it been awhile since Jesus wandered into the village of your soul to roll back some stones? Has the weight of this world begun to feel like Lazarus’ Tomb? Are you scrambling to make sense of the madness born by silence? Are you weary from comforting those who are grieving? Are you dying to live?

Bethany in the morning by Steve Bell

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SUPPLY DRIVE | The final countdown

As part of our service to our local schools, the JK Serve team is organizing a supply drive for Cedarhurst Elementary school and Highline High School. While it may seem like an odd time for a supply drive, teachers regularly report that this is the time of year that supplies received back in August and September begin running out. We would like to make sure that those teachers don't have to use money from their own pocket to purchase the supplies that local students need.

If you'd like to participate, visit the post on Realm for instructions. Not on Realm? You can sign up by going to:


Hospitality House Spring Fling

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Houston Texas with Gregg and Marsha Baklund and Experience Missions

July 1-6 2018

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Be part of the team that prepares and serves Hospitality House Residents home cooked meals.

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