Welcome to johnknox.life

If this is your first time to johnknox.life, we recommend that start here to learn more about this site!

Why johnknox.life?

You might find yourself here wondering "why do we have this website when we already have one?" That is a fair question. The main purpose of this site is to give you, the members, attenders, and friends of JKPC the information about our church that you need. We hope that this site will be the place you go for information about meetings, events, and church life. On this site you will find:

Full Calendar

Every event, every meeting, everything. If it's on our schedule, it will be on our calendar.


Learn how JKPC is structured, plus learn who every elder and deacon is, along with their contact information.

The Weekly

We hope you join Realm, where you can get the Weekly (our weekly newsletter with the happenings for the week) delivered right to you, and you can interact with us there, but if you do not join Realm, you can still read the Weekly here.

Worship Program

You will be able to get the worship program right here on johnknox.life. You can use your phone or tablet in church to follow along with the service. If you can't be at church, you can still see what's happening. Win!

Prayer Requests

Submit prayer requests to us through this site, it's like a digital version of the prayer cards on Sunday morning, except you can submit one at any time. Win!

Event Signups

Every event that needs a sign-up, you will be able to do that here.

Ministry Updates

We will post ministry updates and happenings here so that you can stay in the know. These updates could be about mission partners, kids, students, and more.


We will continue to refine our strategy for this site to give you the information you need for everything happening at JKPC

This site is all about the life at JKPC (which is why the address is johnknox.life get it?).

What about the other site?

Our other site is still alive and well. We are working on refining that site to be the primary site for visitors, potential visitors, and those who are just learning about JKPC and its ministries. It might surprise you to learn that the most hit pages on www.jkpcusa.org (and it's not even close) are the main page (of course right?), meet the staff, what we believe, what to expect, location and times, our story, children, student, and adult ministries. People also hit sermons and our events. These hits represent the information that someone would want to know when they are checking out our church. We want to make the information that people want on www.jkpcusa.org to be excellent and to give them a good feel for who we are and what we do.